I am currently a PhD student in the Biomedical AI lab at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer, part of the University of Edinburgh. Under the supervision of Ava Khamseh, I am developing tools to quantify the changes in cellular morphology due to cancer and using machine learning to see if we can identify genetic mutations from cellular morphology. I’m also interested in looking at spatial transcriptomics and morphological profiles, looking at how transcriptional and morphological profiles differ in varying parts of tissues.

I have many other interests along side my PhD. I enjoy studying the applications of hypergraphs in real world analysis and developing packages in R. I have combined these together and I am the author of the rhype package for representing hypergraphs in R. I am currently making improvements to the matrix based calculations in order to facilitate speedy handling of large hypergraphs. I hope that this will then be able to be used to calculate cellular redundancy in scRNA-seq data sets, to estimate heterogeneity of a cell population. I always enjoy feedback and input on my work so please get in touch.

Download my resumé.